Interdisciplinary, Flexible and Powerful

Through theoretical and methodological training, Wagner's doctoral students learn how to produce insights required for effective and equitable public and nonprofit programs and policies. Our program is interdisciplinary just like our faculty, so students can draw on economics, political science, sociology, psychology, organization studies and other fields, and it is flexible, allowing students to design a plan of study that takes advantage of the many courses offered at Wagner and NYU's other graduate schools.

We encourage students to study the questions that drive them, while providing the guidance necessary to have the greatest impact. And we emphasize research and teaching experience. Students have many opportunities to participate in research projects with individual faculty or through our affiliated research centers, as well as opportunties to lead classes as teaching colleagues and instructors.

Students interested in conducting research in these areas are encouraged to apply:

  • Education policy
  • Health policy
  • International development
  • Management
  • Public finance and financial management
  • Public policy
  • Urban policy

The program prepares graduates for careers at academic institutions, in think tanks, research firms, and research units of public, quasi-public and private organizations, as well as for other positions with substantial responsibilities for the supervision and administration of research.

Ph.D Students Presenting at The Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management Conference

November 6th to 8th, 2014 -  Albuquerque Convention Center, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Clifford Frasier - Income Inequality As a Predictor of Individual and Regional Partisan Preference

Davin Reed - Housing Prices and Homelessness

Emilyn Whitesell - Continuous Improvement? The Impact of a Formal - Informal Partnership on Science Achievement in NYC.

Fei Li - The Direct and Indirect Effects of Affordable Housing Mandates

Gundula Loffler- Taxation amd State Legitimacy: How Perceptions of Local Taxation in Rwanda Shape Taxer Payer Complaince and  Attitudes Towards Local Government.

Sarah Cordes - The Effects of Residential Mobility on Student Performance: Evidence from NYC