MPA, International Development Policy and Management Specialization-MA, International Relations

To address the complex, pressing international affairs issues of our time, you’ll need an education that lives at the nexus of international development and international relations. At NYU, you can earn both an MPA with an International Development Policy and Management specialization and an MA in International Relations in just two years. You’ll gain practical policy, management, and analysis skills and perspectives from a professional degree while also building a deeper and comprehensive understanding of international relations and politics. You’ll benefit from a unique cross-exposure, preparing you for a broad array of careers in international affairs in the United States or around the world.

Sample Schedule 

Total Credits Required: 57 (33 for the MPA; 24 for the MA)

Key to Course Codes 
-GA = Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) course (MA, International Relations)
-GP = Wagner Graduate School of Public Service course (MPA, Public & Nonprofit Management & Policy--International specialization)


Fall, Year 1 [15 credits]

Registration residency: Wagner

January, Year 1 [3 credits]

Registration residency: Wagner

Spring, Year 1 [14 credits] 

Registration residency: Wagner

Fall, Year 2 [15.5 credits]

Registration residency: GSAS

Spring, Year 2 [9.5 credits]

Registration residency: GSAS

For the MA in International Relations, students must demonstrate proficiency in one language other than English by completing one of the following:

  • Passing the GSAS foreign language proficiency examination
  • Completing an intermediate-level foreign language course with a grade of B or better at NYU or another accredited institution. Students must submit an official transcript as proof of completion. While an undergraduate course may be used to satisfy the language requirement, credit and GPA impact from an undergraduate course may not apply toward either graduate degree.
  • Completing secondary education or undergraduate degree in an institution where language of instruction is not English.

    To further their professional development all MA-IR students are required to complete an internship in a professional work environment in either the public or private sector. The internship must total at least 140 hours over 14 weeks. This Internship Requirement also satisfies the NYU Wagner Professional Experience Requirement for the MPA.

    MA Thesis Requirement

    Students must write an MA thesis on a discrete piece of research. Students must enroll in the MA Thesis Seminar, INTRL-GA 4000 (2 points) in their fourth semester. The course is designed to provide structure and guidance to students writing a thesis.  The thesis will be an academic work of 10,000-15,000 words dealing with an important and timely topic in international relations.

    MPA Capstone Requirement

    All Wagner MPA students are required to complete a capstone project. Each capstone project provides students with a year-long consulting or quantitative research project to resolve a problem or conduct an analysis for a public service organization.


    Students enroll full-time, taking courses within the MPA, International Policy and Management Specialization and MA, International Relations programs concurrently. Students who waive a required course will take an advanced elective in its place. NYU Wagner electives may be from the school or from an approved NYU graduate course. Students graduate and receive a diploma from each school after successful completion of the dual-degree requirements for both degrees.


    Applicants are required to apply to NYU Wagner and to NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science, Program in International Relations. Once admitted to both, a student will qualify for the dual-degree program. For more information about admissions to Wagner or the Program in International Relations, please contact:


    Pursuing a graduate dual degree is an investment in the future and a serious commitment of time and money. All Wagner dual-degree applicants are eligible to apply for scholarships and funding, and should also research funding opportunities through the Graduate School of Arts and Science when applying to the MA-IR program in GSAS. Students who are awarded school-based scholarship are eligible to receive it when in residence at that school.


    Students will work with advisors from both schools to carefully choose coursework that takes into consideration their unique academic and professional goals. The many sources of advisement that each school has to offer includes faculty advisors, program advisors, peer advisors, and office of career services. Students leave the dual-degree program well supported and equipped with the frameworks and analytical skills that will serve them well in the complex and changing intersection of sectors and roles their careers may span.

    For dual-degree program advisement, please contact: