Beyond the Classroom

The EMPA program fosters a strong community and provides learning and growth opportunities outside of the classroom.

Leadership Coaching

You'll meet with and learn from a leadership coach in the first year of the program. The EMPA coach helps you not only reflect on your goals, but also carve out a targeted career path to have the greatest impact in public service. 

Professional Development Lunchtime Program

Periodically throughout the year, you'll participate in a co-curricular series featuring organizational leaders and skill-building workshops. For in-person meetings, lunch is typically provided. 

Career Services

All EMPA students have access to NYU Wagner’s Office of Career Services, which provides professional resources, guidance, and connections. You can partake in networking events, career advisement, workshops, and job postings, as well as connect to the global NYU Wagner alumni network of over 12,000 professionals. In addition, you may utilize Wagner's Composing Your Career tools and workshop to develop an action plan to maximize your time at Wagner in the pursuit of your professional goals.


The EMPA faculty director and program advisor offer advisement for EMPA students throughout their program. You will develop an individualized learning plan over the summer, prior to the start of classes, and will work with your advisors every term thereafter to craft your plan of study.