MPA-MA in Hebrew & Judaic Studies

All the beautiful intentions of hesed are simply not enough. True tikkun olam requires action. And meaningful action—the kind that really makes a difference—requires tools, skills, and perspective. We get that. We live that. If you do, too, then the dual degree MPA-MA in Hebrew and Judaic Studies is your obvious next step.

The program, which can be completed in 2.5-3 years, is offered jointly by NYU Wagner and the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS). It draws from three incomparable sources of learning: The Skirball Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies within GSAS provides a deep investigation of Jewish identity, history, and values. NYU Wagner layers over that cross-sector, public-affairs-focused skill sets in management, finance, and policy. And then there’s NYC—arguably the epicenter of Jewish communal life in North America—and your chance to engage in hands-on experience. Together, we’ll help you move from intentions to plans, plans to implementation, implementation to impact.


Jason Leivenberg

Jason Leivenberg (MPA-MA 2016)

Senior Vice President, NuRoots at The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

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Stefanie Zelkind

Stefanie Zelkind (MPA-MA 2006)

Director, Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program

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Justin Rosen Smolen

Justin Rosen Smolen (MPA-MA 2013)

National Director of Youth Programs, Keshet

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program directors

Professor Robert Chazan, Co-Director and Skirball faculty advisor

Professor David Elcott, Co-Director and NYU Wagner faculty advisor


Applicants are required to apply to each school. Once admitted to both schools, a student will qualify for the dual-degree program. It is acceptable to use the same letters of recommendation for both applications, but please tailor your personal statements to the respective schools. At least two letters of recommendation for your Skirball application must be academic. 

Contact with any questions.

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(3 credits per course)
(3-4 credits per course)

Required Courses (15 credits)






Management and Leadership


Financial Management

Public Policy




Dual Degree Requirements (3 credits & 6 Skirball credits)

Taub Seminar

   The Jewish Community:  Classical    Institutions

   Recent Developments in Judaic        Studies

Specialization (15 credits)

5 courses – according to specialization


Capstone (3 credits)

Advanced Project according to specialization


Electives (3 Wagner credits & 18 Skirball credits)

1 Elective

   6 Electives

Comp Exam Requirement


   Comprehensive Exam, Hebrew          Proficiency, and MA Essay

Actual Credits



Shared Credits

6 (credits from Skirball)

   6 (credits from Wagner)