International Health Specialization

The International Policy and Management specialization in the Health Policy and Management program ("International Health") prepares students to work worldwide in a variety of health settings and in diverse cultures.

You'll learn how health institutional structures and managerial processes vary around the world and gain a comparative interdisciplinary foundation that bridges cutting-edge conceptual thinking, critical analytical techniques, and concrete health management skills. And you'll graduate ready to appreciate and respond to the critical challenges of implementing complex health policies and programs in varying contexts.


Below is an overview of the required coursework. For detailed information, view the program checksheet


CORE-GP.1011, Statistical Methods
CORE-GP.1018, Microeconomics
CORE-GP.1020, Management and Leadership
CORE-GP.1021, Financial Management
CORE-GP.1022, Introduction to Public Policy

Required Courses

HPAM-GP.1830, Introduction to Health Policy and Management OR HPAM-GP.2836, Topics in Health Policy: Policy, Politics, and Power

PADM-GP.2201, Institutions, Governance, and International Development
HPAM-GP.4830, Health Economics: Principles

Students Must Take One of the Following Courses:

PADM-GP.2171, Evaluating Programs and Policies
PADM-GP.2902, Multiple Regression and Introduction to Econometrics

Students Must Take Six Credits from the Following Courses:

PADM-GP.2138, Macroeconomics, Global Markets, and Policy
PADM-GP.2142, Financial Management II
PADM-GP.2171, Evaluating Programs and Policies
PADM-GP.2173, Operations Management
PADM-GP.2203, Economics of International Development
PADM-GP.2204, Development Assistance, Accountability and Aid Effectiveness
PADM-GP.2211, Program Development and Management for International Organizations
PADM-GP.2213, Immigration Politics and Policy -- Past and Present
HPAM-GP.2244, Global Health Governance and Management
PADM-GP.2245, Financing Local Government in Developing Countries
PADM-GP.2411, Policy Formation and Policy Analysis
URPL-GP.2666, Water Sourcing and Climate Change
HPAM-GP.2836, Topics in Health Policy: Policy, Politics, and Power
HPAM-GP.2852, Comparative Analysis of Health Systems
PADM-GP.2875, Estimating Impacts in Policy Research
PADM-GP.4212, Managing Humanitarian Challenges
URPL-GP.4634, Equitable Community Engagement
URPL-GP.4665, Decentralized Development Planning and Policy Reform in Developing Countries Open configuration options


Students may choose electives from a wide array of Wagner courses.