New Report: How Social Media Moves New York

We’re thrilled to release a new report, “How Social Media Moves New York,” focused on how social tools, particularly Twitter, are used for transportation in New York City. From the abstract:

The goals of social media in transportation are to inform (alert riders of a situation), motivate (to opt for an alternate route), and engage (amplify the message to their friends and neighbors). Ideally, these actions would occur within minutes of an incident.

This report analyzes the use of social media tools by the New York region’s major transportation providers. It is focused on the effectiveness of their Twitter feeds, which were chosen for their immediacy and simplicity in messaging, and provided a common denominator for comparison between the various transportation providers considered, both public and private. Based on this analysis, recommendations are outlined for improving social media outreach.

Download the full report here, and leave your comments below.


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