Nathaniel Beck

Associated Professor of Public Service, NYU Wagner; Professor of Politics, NYU Wilf Family Department of Politics

19 West 4th Street, Room 407
By appointment
Nathaniel Beck

Dr. Nathaniel Beck is an Associated Professor of Public Service at NYU Wagner and the Faculty Director of the Undergraduate Public Policy major. He serves as a Professor of Politics at NYU’s Department of Politics, where he has worked since 2003. Prior to that, he held positions at the University of California, San Diego, Harvard University, and Washington State University. He is a Fellow of both the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Society for Political Methodology.

Professor Beck’s research areas include political methodology and political economy. He has held editorial positions at numerous publications and currently serves as Associate Editor for Stata Journal. He is on the Editorial Board of the American Political Science Review and the Journal of Politics. His work has been published in major journals for over three decades and he continues to produce work that leads the field of political methodology. He has won numerous awards, including two Gosnell Prizes for published papers and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Political Methodology

Professor Beck holds a Ph.D., MPhil, and MA from Yale University and a BA from the University of Rochester.