Evaluation of "Where Women Have No Doctor" and "A Book for Midwives"

Client: Hesperian Foundation
Faculty: Lucille Pilling
Team: Joanna Hoffman, Eleanor Hartzell, Carrie Wood, Dina Mikdadi
Year: 2009
The Hesperian Foundation publishes books and educational materials that empower the world's poor to take greater control over their health and their lives. The Capstone team partnered with the Hesperian Foundation to evaluate two of their publications, "Where Women Have No Doctor" and "A Book for Midwives." The evaluation consisted of an online survey distributed to book users, and a case study of midwives who use the books in rural and urban Guatemala. The data collected from both aspects of the evaluation provide a thorough picture of how Hesperian publications are used throughout the world, as well as information which will be used to inform the development of future publications.