The Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence

Client: The Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence
Faculty: Kathryn Morrison and Lawrence Murray
Team: Anabella Escobar, Beth Evans, Jennifer Longmire, Alan Polansky, Chris Standora
Year: 2004
The Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence formulates polices and programs, monitors the citywide delivery of domestic violence services, and works with diverse communities to increase awareness of domestic violence. The Capstone team helped assess the effectiveness of ongoing anti-domestic violence programs among key New York City agencies. The team interviewed representatives from nine city agencies and one nonprofit organization to evaluate current domestic violence policies and strategies, domestic violence indicators used to measure outcomes, and systemic barriers to the coordination of domestic violence services. Based on these findings, the Capstone team recommended strategies to increase collaboration and coordination of services among agencies and proposed the development of an information management system connecting multiple databases to improve quality control and outcome-based reporting.