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Policy Analysis Studio

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Open only to students in the MSPP program. This is the end: June 29 will be the last day of your MSPP coursework. Let’s celebrate by completing one last policy analysis project that matters to you. Successfully completing studio requires you synthesize and apply many of the skills you have been honing over the course of the year: data analysis, policy research, communicating to specific audiences with strategic goals, data visualization and the application of economic, public policy and social theories for a single real-world self-directed policy analysis project. Each student’s final deliverables may differ depending on the scope and scale of the chosen project, but all will include at least: 1) a short analysis memo; 2)a 200-word SCQR summary of your memo; 3) a tabloid-sized poster featuring an original piece of data visualization; and 4) a fifteen-to-twenty minute presentation followed by a discussion led by another MSPP student delivered at the June 29th MSPP Conference.


CORE-GP.1022, MSPP-GP.1000, MSPP-GP.1900, MSPP-GP.2100, MSPP-GP.2105, MSPP-GP.2905, MSPP-GP.4021, PADM-GP.2140, and PADM-GP.2171, MSPP-GP.3100 concurrently