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The Intersection of Operations, Policy, and Leadership

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Policy, operations, and leadership are inextricably linked. This course aims to expose students to policy formation in a highly political environment, to operations management of systems shaped by state and local policy, and to the requirements and pressures faced by leaders wrestling with difficult problems. The course aims to build a toolbox of specific skills to assess stakeholder environments; to support analysis and decision making in a wide variety of contexts; and to appreciate the role of leadership, consensus building, and conflict management in driving policy outcomes. We will use as a backdrop a unifying Multimedia Interactive Case Study (MICS) built around the New York City family homeless shelter system. This course is an intensive engagement that incorporates perspectives from academic theorists, journalists, City, State and Federal government officials, service providers, advocacy organizations, and public interest law.



CORE-GP.1020 and CORE-GP.1022


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