How many internships can I use to fulfill the Professional Experience Requirement (PER)?

Students typically fulfill the PER via a relevant work experience over one semester (i.e. 20 hours per week during a semester, or 40 hours per week in the summer). Students may request a second semester of work experience relevant to the PER, approved by Wagner’s Office of Career Services.

As a result, Wagner international students may apply for CPT to complete up to two paid, off-campus internships and must apply for CPT work authorization prior to starting each PER-fulfilling internship.. For example, a student could be approved to complete an internship in the summer term at one organization and then be approved to complete an internship at a different organization in the fall semester (concurrent with Capstone).

As a reminder, in order to fulfill the PER, the work experience must be degree-relevant.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Timelines
Students who started Wagner in the fall semester



Note: Students must complete one academic year prior to be eligible to begin CPT.

Note: If a student is hired for a paid, off-campus internship that only spans a portion of a term or semester (i.e. July and August rather than June through August), it constitutes a full semester. If your internship spans over two semesters (i.e. July through November), this will constitute both semesters and will not be prorated.