I am an International Student. Does my degree/credentials make me eligible to apply to the Wagner School?

The list below provides general information on the degrees/credentials from non-U.S. schools which make you eligible for admission to the Wagner School. In determining your eligibility, use the general rule of four years of university level education. To avoid any delay in the review of your application, it is very important to carefully review the information under "How do I submit official transcript information from a non-U.S. school?"

Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka
Bachelor's and/or master's degree requiring a minimum of four years of university study.

Three-year bachelor's degree from Quebec; four-year bachelor's degree from all other provinces.

France or French patterned educational systems
A Maitrise or a diploma requiring four years of post-baccalaureate study from a university or a Grand Ecole.

A university Diploma, Magister Artium or Staatsexamen. Graduates of Fachhochschulen and Berufsakademies are not eligible. The Vordiplom by itself is not sufficient.

Sarjana or Sarjana Legkap, awarded after five years of university study.

Diploma di laurea di dottore, requiring four to six years of study or pursuant to Bologna Agreement requiring three years of study. Note that Bologna Agreement institutions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Mexico, Spain and South America
Completion of all courses and thesis or professional exams required for the titulo or degree of Licenciado or Bacharel.

People's Republic of China
A bachelors' degree representing four years of university study.

The five-year diploma which is typically completed after five years of study.

The laciness or licentiate is considered the minimum required degree.

United Kingdom
Three-year bachelor's degree from England or Wales or the four-year bachelor's degree from Scotland.

To learn more about the application process for international students, visit: https://wagner.nyu.edu/admissions/degree-checklist/international