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I Know What You Did Last Summer
We wanted to give planners a chance to talk about where they worked this summer - so the Roving Planner did some looking into and here's who responded, where they work and what they did. If you're not on here email us and we'll get you into the next newsletter.

Blaise Backer | Intern - Myrtle Avenue Revitalization Project Brooklyn, NY
In charge of coordinating the effort to create a Business Improvement District on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. This involves a wide range of tasks, from meeting with officials at the Department of Small Business Services, holding informational meetings in the neighborhood and conducting a lot of outreach to merchants and property owners, and crunching the numbers in order to determine an appropriate BID budget and individual property assessments.

Meredith Bergmann | Intern - Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. New York City, NY
I am working with them to increase and streamline their activities with small businesses and the GVCC. We are also working on raising their profile with other related businesses throughout New York.

Liz Cavorti | Fundraising Grantmaking Intern - Citigroup Foundation New York City, NY
Used Geocoding and the IRS website to double check the status of organizations to make sure they are a 501 (c) 3 and are eligible for the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act. Also participated in team meetings to get a sense on the type of issues the Foundation is really into: mainly culture, and financial education for lower-income individuals, high school kids and graduate students.

Perry Chen | Executive Assistant - New York Housing Conference New York City, NY
I am the assistant to the executive director of the New York Housing Conference, an advocacy group that deals with affordable housing. Through this, I am interconnected to the policies for housing at the local, state and federal levels.

Lou Corti | Commercial Sales Agent - Besen & Associates New York City, NY
Worked as a sales agent for commercial properties. Analyzed crucial financial and market considerations to help clients with their real estate needs.

Elan Drucker | Editorial Assistant and Office Manager - an NYC based literary agent group New York City, NY
Read fiction and non-fiction book proposals in order to select those with the potential of becoming the next great American Novel. Helped to create marketing packages, maintain office databases and filing systems while also corresponding with the authors, publishers and literary offices across the world. Maintained an outstanding rapport with messengers of all types - bicycle, UPS, FedEx, etc.

Robinson Hernandez | Intern - NYC Dept of Small Business Services New York City, NY
Currently working on the identification and promotion of public markets in the City through tools such as private- public partnerships and the integration of an ethnic market component.

Cary Hirschstein | Intern - Flatiron Real Estate Advisors New York City, NY
Flatiron invests in and redevelops environmentally contaminated properties. My role is to generate leads for brownfield properties that the firm may acquire and redevelop.

Liz Kendzior | Intern - Enterprise Foundation 80 5th Ave - New York City, NY
I've been working on the Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program, which is run partially by HPD, and going through applications from for-profit community based developers who are competing for buildings/development clusters owned by the city for rehab opportunities/creation of more affordable housing.

Becky Koepnick | Intern - Seedco New York City, NY
Seedco provides financial and technical assistance, and management support, for the community-building efforts of nonprofit organizations and small businesses in targeted disadvantaged communities throughout the United States. Seedco's programs focus on workforce development, affordable homeownership, and entrepreneurship.

Kristofer Lindberg | Intern - Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance New York City, NY
We work through advocacy and planning to develop relationships between people and their waterfront. Favorite color - Green.

Meredith Louise Phillips | Intern - International Organization for Adolescents Brooklyn, NY
Part of a 4-person team working to support women's economic rights and independence by laying the foundation for a microlending program in Ukerewe, Tanzania.

Christina Mang | Intern - ACP Visioning & Planning New York City, NY
As an intern since October I have worked on public participation projects in Baltimore MD, Manatee County FL, and Houston TX. During these projects I have managed and facilitated public meetings where activities such as brainstorming ideas, goals and strategies; assessing strong and weak places; and evaluating current and future land use were used to create a vision and plan for the future.

Margarita Pajaro | Project Manager of the Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Program - NYC HPD New York City, NY
Prepared local management companies or "entrepreneurs" for ownership of city property by walking them through the process of schematic design, gut rehabilitation, bank financing, use of Federal HOME funds, and tenant outreach.

Michael Reale | Hot Dog Vendor - Manhattan Hot Dog Vending Broadway and 34th St.
Boiling hot dogs and opening and strategically placing the hot dog in the bun. Cautiously applying customer's choice of a wide variety of condiments including mustard, relish and ketchup to the hot dog without getting any on the outside of the bun. Supply customers with their choice of beverage and snack.

Ron Reitman | Intern - Edwards & Kelcey, Inc. New York, NY
I worked on Environment impact statements as part of transportation studies.

Alisa Rosenbaum | Intern - The Urban Land Institute Washington D.C
Researched and wrote feature boxes and case studies about new trends in planning and development for various urban planning and real estate textbooks.

Todd Rufo | Intern - Office of the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding New York City, NY
Managed the day-to-day deliverables and process for the Mayor's office, in the construction of the Manhattan Watefront Greenway, a 32-mile continuous bicycle and pedestrian path around Manhattan. Was involved to a lesser extent in brownfield remediation and redevelopment, energy policy issues and several rezoning and park projects.

Christopher Spence | Business Improvement District Expansion Coordinator - Union Square Business Improvement District and Strategic Planning Unit Intern - NYC Department of Small Business Services New York City, NY
Began a BID Expansion initiative, coordinated a new database structure for various public and private sector data reports, commenced a public consensus building process including local constituents, community boards, council districts and city agencies.

Researched best practices nationwide for Workforce Investment Act One-Stop Career Centers that link workforce development program goals to small business assistance goals in order to develop strategic plans for merger of NYC Department of Employment adult services functions into NYC Department of Small Business Services.

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