Measuring the Costs of Quality

Finkler, S.A.
in Health Services Management: Readings and Commentary, Seventh Edition, A. Kovner and D. Neuhauser, editors, AUPHA Press/Health Administration Press, Chicago, IL, pp. 114-121.

Managers of a healthcare organization have numerous demands on their time, their skills, their knowledge, and their budgets. They are responsible for adapting to change, managing their office, making effective decisions, among countless other tasks.

This book, newly revised to include readings, commentary, and cases, offers a bridge from management theory to the actual world of healthcare management. Throughout its past editions, Health Services Management has featured the best literature on health services management to help readers understand the role of the manager, organizational design and control, the blending of organization and health professionals, change (adaptation), and responsiveness (accountability). This edition continues that effort, and features new readings.


Wagner Faculty