Geographic Variations in Health Care Workforce Training in the US: The Case of Registered Nurses (RNs)

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New York City Quarterly Housing Update 2010: 3rd Quarter

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The Rise and Fall of a Micro-Learning Region: Mexican Immigrants and Construction in Center-South Philadelphia

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Hidden Talent: Tacit Skill Formation and Labor Market Incorporation of Latino Immigrants in the United States

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Economic Development Impacts of High-speed Rail

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Minimum Parking Requirements, Transit Proximity and Development in New York City

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Causality vs. Correlation: Rethinking Research Design in the Case of Pedestrian Environments and Walking

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Hospital Performance, the Local Economy, and the Local Workforce: Findings from a US National Longitudinal Study

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The Behavioral Dimension of Governing Inter-Organizational Goal Directed Networks: Managing the Unity/Diversity Tension

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Paradox and Collaboration in Network Management. Administration and Society

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Welcome to the Neighborhood: What can Regional Science Contribute to the Study of Neighborhoods?

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How to House the Homeless

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