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Who Feels Included in School? Examining Feelings of Inclusion Among Students With Disabilities

Leanna Stiefel, Menbere Shiferaw, Amy Ellen Schwartz, and Michael Gottfried Read more

Is Special Education Improving? Evidence on Segregation, Outcomes, and Spending from NYC

Leanna Stiefel, Menbere Shiferaw, Michael Gottfried, and Amy Ellen Schwartz Read more

Constraining Bureaucrats Today Knowing You'll Be Gone Tomorrow: The Effect of Legislative Term Limits on Statutory Discretion

Mona Vakilifathi Read more

Beyond Spending Levels: School District Revenue Uncertainty and Student Achievement

Read more

Examining the Internal Validity and Statistical Precision of the Comparative Interrupted Time Series Design by Comparison With a Randomized Experiment

Travis St.Clair, Thomas D. Cook, and Kelly Hallberg Read more

The Validity and Precision of the Comparative Interrupted Time Series Design: Three Within-Study Comparisons

Travis St.Clair, Kelly Hallberg, and Thomas D. Cook Read more

Moving Matters: The Causal Effect of School Mobility on Student Performance

Amy Ellen Schwartz, Leanna Stiefel, and Sarah Cordes Read more

Bullying, Safety, and Belonging in the Middle School Years: Do Top Dogs Rule?

Schwartz, Amy Ellen and Leanna Stiefel and Michal Rothbart Read more

All Schools are not Created Equal: Difference in Learning Environment in Small and Large High Schools

Amy Ellen Schwartz, Leanna Stiefel, and Matthew Wiswall Read more

School Wellness Programs: Magnitude and Distribution in New York City Public Schools

Leanna Stiefel, Brian Elbel, Melissa Pflugh Prescott, Siddartha Anjea, and Amy Schwartz Read more

Why Don't Housing Choice Voucher Recipients Live Near Better Schools? Insights from Experimental and Big Administrative Data

Ingrid Gould Ellen, Keren Mertens Horn, and Amy Ellen Schwartz Read more

The Next Coming Crisis of Capitalism: A Review of Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty

Sewin Chan Read more