Education Publications

Migration Choices of the Boomerang Generation: Does Returning Home Dampen Labor Market Adjustment?

Sewin Chan, Katherine O'Regan, and Wei You Read more

Fiscal Monitoring and School Quality Indicators

St.Clair, Travis Read more

"Building the Case" for the Business lawyer of Tomorrow: Putting Impact into Practice

Deborah Burand Read more

Unintended Consequences of Inclusion: Structural Transitions to Middle School and Students with Disabilities

Leanna Stiefel and Kaitlyn O'Hagan Read more

Creating and Implementing a Nurse Mentoring Program

Cortney Miller, Charlotte Wagenberg, Erica Loney, MaryPat Porinchak, and Natasha Ramrup Read more

Influential Users in the Common Core and Black Lives Matter Social Media Conversation

Zhanna Terechshenko, Sean Kates, Fridolin Linder, Joshua A. Tucker, Richard Bonneau, Mona Vakilifathi, Jonathan Nagler Read more

Online Issue Politicization: How the Common Core and Black Lives Matter Discussions Evolved on Social Media

Sean Kates, Zhanna Terechshenko, Fridolin Linder, Jonathan Nagler, Richard Bonneau, Mona Vakilifathi, Joshua A. Tucker Read more

The Effects of Special Education on the Academic Performance of Students with Learning Disabilities

Leanna Stiefel Read more

Is Special Education Improving? Case Evidence From New York City

Leanna Stiefel, Michael Gottfried, Menbere Shiferaw, Amy Schwartz Read more

Constraining Bureaucrats Today Knowing You'll Be Gone Tomorrow: The Effect of Legislative Term Limits on Statutory Discretion

Mona Vakilifathi Read more

Perseverance Despite the Perception of Threat: Marginalized Students’ High Grit in Grad School and Implications for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Higher Education

Kundu, Elcott, Foldy and Winer Read more

Do Housing Vouchers Improve Academic Performance?: Evidence from New York City

Amy Ellen Schwartz, Ingrid Ellen, Sarah A. Cordes, Keren M. Horn Read more