The Status of Budget Forecasting

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Risk Preferences, Time Preferences, and Willingness-to-Pay with Mobile Money versus Cash in Bangladesh

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Beyond Spending Levels: School District Revenue Uncertainty and Student Achievement

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The Effect of Tax and Expenditure Limitations on Revenue Volatility: Evidence from Colorado

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The Impact of Budget Stabilization Funds on State Pension Contributions

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Difference-in-Differences Methods in Public Finance

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How Do Nonprofits Respond to Regulatory Thresholds: Evidence From New York's Audit Requirements

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Contribution Volatility and Public Pension Reform

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Understanding and Measuring Endowment in Public Charities

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Public Borrowing for Private Organizations: Costs and Structure of Tax-Exempt Debt through Conduit Issuers

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The Microfinance Business Model: Enduring Subsidy and Modest Profit

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