Smart Subsidy for Sustainable Microfinance

Jonathan Morduch Read more

From Microfinance to m-Finance

Jonathan Morduch, Mudit Kapoor, and Shamika Ravi Read more

Household Savings in Low-Income Countries: An annotated reading list

Jonathan Morduch Read more


Jonathan Morduch, Dean Karlan and Sendhil Mullainathan Read more

Half the World is Unbanked

Jonathan Morduch, Alberto Chaia, Aparna Dalal, Tony Goland, Maria Jose Gonzalez, and Robert Schiff Read more

Credit is Not a Right

Gershman, John and Jonathan Morduch Read more

Does Microfinance Really Help the Poor?: New Evidence from Flagship Programs in Bangladesh

Jonathan Morduch Read more

Distributional Consequences of the Russian Price Reform

Jonathan Morduch, Karen Brooks, and Yakov Urinson Read more

Beyond Foundation Funding: Revenue-Generating Strategies for Sustainable Social Change

Jennifer Dodge, Amparo Hofmann-Pinilla, Angela Beard and Caitlin Murphy Read more

The Economics of Microfinance, 2nd edition

Beatriz Armendáriz and Jonathan Morduch Read more
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