Moroccan Migrants as Unlikely Captains of Industry: Remittances, Financial Intermediation, and La Banque Centrale Populaire

Iskander, N. Read more

Economics, First Edition.

Karlan, Dean and Jonathan Morduch Read more

Taxpayer Equity in School Finance Reform: The School Finance and the Public Finance Perspectives

Berne, Robert and Leanna Stiefel Read more

Measuring the Equity of School Finance Policies: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis

Berne, Robert and Leanna Stiefel Read more

Measuring Equity at the School Level: The Finance Perspective

Berne, Robert and Leanna Stiefel Read more

How Microfinance Really Works

Morduch, Jonathan Read more

Employee Benefit Financing and Municipal Bankruptcy

Ives, Martin and Thad Calabrese Read more

Alternative Service Delivery: Does Nonprofit Financing Influence State Tax Burden?

Carroll, Deborah A. and Thad Calabrese. Read more

Balanced Budget Requirements and State Spending: A Long-Panel Study.

Smith, Daniel L. and Yilin Hou. Read more

Running on Empty: The Operating Reserves of US Nonprofit Organizations

Calabrese, Thad. Read more

Creating Deficits with Balanced Budgets

Ives, M., Calabrese, T. Read more

A Consequence of Exempting the Third Sector: Do Homeowners Pay More Property Taxes?

Calabrese, T., Carroll, D. Read more
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