Gasoline Prices, Interest Rates, and the 2008 Election

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Disaster Forensics: Leveraging Crisis Information Systems for Social Science

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The Redevelopment of Lower Manhattan: The Role of the City

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Efforts to Improve Public Policy and Programs Through Improved "Data Practice": Experiences in Fifteen Distressed American Cities"

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Race, Segregation, and Physicians' Participation in Medicaid

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Separate and Unequal Care in New York City

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Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health: A View from the South Bronx

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Fostering Organizational Change Through a Community-Based Initiative

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Healthcare in a Land Called PeoplePower: Nothing About Me Without Me

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Racial Segregation in Multiethnic Schools: Adding Immigrants to the Analysis

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The Impact of Medicaid Managed Care on Primary Care Physician Participation in Medicaid

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The Role of Faith-Based Institutions in Providing Health Education and Promoting Equal Access to Care: A Case Study of an Initiative in the Southwest Bronx

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