Leadership research in healthcare: A review and roadmap

Gilmartin, M.J. & D’Aunno, T. Read more

Motivating people

D’Aunno, T. & Gilmartin, M. J. Read more

Managerial Responsibility

Anthony M. Bertelli and Laurence E. Lynn Jr. Read more

Agreeable Administrators? Analyzing the Public Positions of Cabinet Secretaries and Presidents

Anthony M. Bertelli and Christian R. Grose Read more

Learn and Let Learn: Supporting Learning Communities for Innovation and Impact

Research Center for Leadership in Action and Scaling What Works Read more

Advancing Relational Leadership Research: A Dialogue Among Perspectives

Ospina, Sonia and Mary Uhl-Bien eds. Read more

Training Your Own: The Impact of New York City’s Aspiring Principals Program on Achievement

Corcoran, S. P., Schwartz, A. E., & Weinstein Read more

The blind leading: Power reduces awareness of constraints

Whitson, JA, KA Liljenquist, AD Galinsky, JC Magee, DH Gruenfeld, & B Cadena. Read more

The leadership task of prompting cognitive shifts: Shaping perceptions of issues and constituencies to achieve public service goals.

Foldy, E.G., Goldman, L. & Ospina, S. Read more

On the folly of principals' power: Managerial psychology as a cause of bad incentives

Magee, Joe C., Gavin Kilduff, & Chip Heath. Read more

Appreciative narratives as leadership research: Matching method to lens

E. Schall, S. Ospina, B. Godsoe, and J. Dodge Read more

A critical Review of Race and Ethnicity in the Leadership Literature: Surfacing Context, Power and the Collective Dimensions of Leadership.

Ospina, S. and E. G. Foldy Read more
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