The Inspectors General at Missle Age

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The Search for Social Entrepreneurship

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A Guide to Using the Annie E. Casey Children and Family Fellowship 360E Leadership Feedback Questionnaire

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Managing the Risk of Innovation: Strategies for Leadership

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An Invisible Actor in US Governance: the Role of Civil Society Organizations in the Creation of Social Change Leadership

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Strategic Leadership: A New Course for Clinician Managers

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Dueling Schemata: Dialectical Sensemaking About Gender

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Efforts to Improve Public Policy and Programs Through Improved "Data Practice": Experiences in Fifteen Distressed American Cities"

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Leadership Development for Global Health

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The Role of Faith-Based Institutions in Providing Health Education and Promoting Equal Access to Care: A Case Study of an Initiative in the Southwest Bronx

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Integrating Enactments with Case Teaching to Develop Leaders

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An Agenda for Action

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