Determinants of Bureaucratic Turnover Intention: Evidence from the Department of the Treasury

Anthony M. Bertelli Read more

Relational Contracting and Network Management

Anthony M. Bertelli and Craig R. Smith Read more

Government Checking Government: How Performance Measures Expand Distributive Politics

Anthony M. Bertelli and Peter C. John Read more

The Lengthened Shadow of Another Institution? Ideal Point Estimates for the Executive Branch and Congress

Anthony Bertelli and Christian R. Grose Read more

Policy Influence, Agency-Specific Expertise, and Exit in the Federal Service

Anthony M. Bertelli and David E. Lewis Read more

Measuring Agency Attributes with Attitudes Across Time: A Method and Examples Using Large-Scale Federal Surveys

Bertelli, A.M., D.P. Mason, J.M. Connolly, and D.A. Gastwrith Read more

Madison’s Managers: Public Administration and the Constitution

Anthony M. Bertelli and Laurence E. Lynn Jr. Read more

The Political Economy of Public Sector Governance

Anthony Michael Bertelli Read more

A Cascade of Failures: Why Government Fails, and How to Stop It

Light, Paul C. Read more

Beyond Foundation Funding: Revenue-Generating Strategies for Sustainable Social Change

Jennifer Dodge, Amparo Hofmann-Pinilla, Angela Beard and Caitlin Murphy Read more

Status and power: The principal inputs to influence for public managers

Magee, J. C., & Frasier, C. Read more

Performance Measurement and Evaluation Systems: Institutionalizing Accountability for Governmental Results in Latin America

Cunill-Grau, N., & Ospina, S. M. Read more
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