A moral compass for management decision making: a healthcare CEO's reflections

John Donnellan Read more

101 Careers in Healthcare Management

Friedman, Leonard and Anthony R. Kovner (eds.) Read more

The leadership task of prompting cognitive shifts: Shaping perceptions of issues and constituencies to achieve public service goals.

Foldy, E.G., Goldman, L. & Ospina, S. Read more

Operations Management in Community-Based Nonprofit Organizations

Privett, Natalie Read more

Examining the Determinants of Nonprofit Accounting Basis Choice

Calabrese, Thad. Read more

Debt, Donors, and the Decision to Give

Calabrese, Thad, Grizzle, C. Read more

Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Finkler, Steven A., Robert M. Purtell, Thad D. Calabrese, and Daniel L. Smith. Read more

On the folly of principals' power: Managerial psychology as a cause of bad incentives

Magee, Joe C., Gavin Kilduff, & Chip Heath. Read more

Epidemiological characteristics and resource use in neonates with bronchopulmonary dysplasia: 1993-2006

Stroustrup A, Trasande L. Read more

How much should we invest in preventing childhood obesity?

Trasande L Read more

Finance & Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers

Finkler, Steven A. Read more

Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives

Finkler, Steven A., Cheryl Jones and Christine T. Kovner Read more
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