Voices Unheard: Barriers to Expressing Dissatisfaction to Health Plans

Schlesinger, M., Mitchell, S. & Elbel, B. Read more

View from New York: Implications of the Terrorist Attacks for Public Services in New York City

Boufford, J.I. Read more

The Measurement of Output Quality in US Nonprofit Organizations

Stiefel, L. Read more

Health and Disease in Global Cities: A Neglected Dimension of National Health Policy

VG. Rodwin Read more

Evaluación de Resultados para una Gestión Pública Moderna y Democrática. Experiencias Latinoamericanas (Outcome Evaluation for a Modern and Democratic Public Management: Latin American Experiences)

Cunill, N. & Ospina, S. Read more

Health Services Management: A Book of Cases, 5th edition.

Kovner, A.R. et al. Read more

Diversifying the New York Area Hispanic Mosaic: Colombian and Dominican Leaders’ Assessment of Community Public Policy Needs.

Desipio, L., Hoffman, A. & Pachon, H. Read more

Gerenciando las Relaciones Intergubernamentales. Experiencias en América Latina. (Managing Intergovernmental Relationships. Latin American Experiences)

Ospina, S. & Penfold, M. Read more

Dear Chief Executive Officer: The Perceptions of a Recently Discharged Patient

Kovner, A.R. & C.T. Kovner. Read more

Findings on the Costs of Alcohol and Substance Abuse in New York City

Billings, J. & T. Mijanovich. Read more

Analysis of primary care practitioner capacity for Medicaid managed care in New York City.

Billings, J., Greene, J. & Mijanovich, T. Read more

The Impact of Residency Training on Physicians’ AIDS-Related Practice Behavior: A Longitudinal Panel Study

Yedidia, M.J. & Berry, C. Read more
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