Reusing and Repurposing New York City's Infrastructure: Case Studies of Reused Transportation Infrastructure

Brooks, Galin Read more

Causality vs. Correlation: Rethinking Research Design in the Case of Pedestrian Environments and Walking

Guo, Zhan Read more

Transportation Recovery in an Age of Disasters

Zimmerman, R. Read more

Urban Design in Action

Ballon, H. Read more

New York's Pennsylvania Stations

Ballon, H. Read more

Robert Moses and the Modern City: The Transformation of New York

Ballon, H. & Jackson, K.T. eds. Read more

Assessment of the Transfer Penalty for Transit Trips: A GIS-based Disaggregate Modeling Approach

Guo, Z. & Wilson, N.H.M. Read more

Does the Built Environment Affect the Utility of Walking? A Case of Path Choice in Downtown Boston.

Guo, Z. Read more

Pedestrian Environments, Walking Path Choice, and Transfer Penalties: Understanding Land-Use Impacts on Transit Travel

Guo, Z. & Ferreira Jr., J. Read more

Weather Impact on Transit Ridership in Chicago

Guo, Z., Wilson, N.H.M. & Rahbee, A. Read more

Modeling the Effects of Transit System Transfers on Travel Behavior: A Commuter Rail and Subway Case Study in Downtown Boston

Guo, Z. & Wilson, N.H.M. Read more

Infrastructure Disruptions and Recovery Rates in Disasters

Zimmerman, R., Restrepo, C. & Simonoff, J.S. Read more
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