Methodological Challenges in Collective Leadership Research

The Third Annual Collective Leadership Network Research Workshop, Methodological Challenges in Collective Leadership Researchconvened over thirty scholars and practitioners from the public and private sectors, across multiple disciplines and from as far away as Latin America, Europe, Canada, and the Middle East, to discuss the different ways to conduct empirical research based on the phenomenon of collective leadership. It was made possible with the support of the NYU Leadership Initiative. 

The goals of the Workshop were to:

  • Share critical methodological challenges encountered while researching collective leadership, and discuss possible solutions;
  • Build the foundation to propose and produce a Special Issue about the theory-methods tension in collective leadership research;
  • Push forward the conversation while respecting different approaches to understanding the nature of collective leadership and doing research on it.
Co-Lead Net

The Workshop invited papers from leadership scholars of various persuasions and diverse perspectives who have taken a “relational turn” and thus use a collective lens to study leadership. The aim was to feature the work of those who have empirically undertaken this challenge and/or those interested in writing conceptual pieces on how to match lens to method.