Nov 13, 2012

NY Society for Ethical Culture Honors Irshad Manji

NYSEC honors Irshad Manji

Author, activist and educator Irshad Manji was presented Nov. 11 with the New York Society for Ethical Culture’s highest honor – the Ethical Humanist Award. The award was established in 1970 to recognize an individual who has acted with extraordinary moral courage, and has been presented just 16 times.

Manji, who teaches at NYU Wagner, is the director of the Moral Courage Project. Housed at Wagner’s Research Center for Leadership in Action (RCLA), the Project equips people to become gutsy global citizens by speaking up in the face of intimidation. A reformist Muslim, Manji’s latest book, Allah, Liberty & Love, is a guide to reconciling faith and freedom in a world rife with repressive dogmas.

According to the Ethical Culture Society, the award is meant "to honor an individual who has acted with extraordinary moral courage, without regard for the sanction or acclaim of his or her peers or of society, and whose actions have had broad humanizing implications."



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