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How to Implement Reparations in America

Of all the major progressive proposals in recent years—universal basic income, a jobs guarantee, Medicare-for-All, and so on—reparations is the only one that addresses anti-Black racism head-on.

How Organizations Can Pursue Racial Equity

Professor Erica Foldy explains how organizations can pursue racial equity. Co-author of the book The Color Bind: Talking (and not Talking) about Race at Work, she is a frequent speaker at conferences and other venues.

Online MHA: Curriculum

Explore the Online MHA curriculum, and how the program helps students develop key skills required to effectively lead complex US healthcare organizations.

Online MHA: Immersion

Learn more about our two-and-a-half day in-person immersion, a core feature of the Online MHA curriculum where students have the opportunity to network, build relationships with healthcare leaders, and gain core skills they need to advance their careers.

Online MHA: Faculty

Meet our Online MHA faculty: top managers at the most prestigious hospitals and healthcare systems in the country, distinguished researchers, and advisers on major US healthcare initiatives, and passionate educators committed to developing tomorrow’s leaders.