Title: After the Revolution: The Next Phase of American Foreign Policy
Publication Date: 02/15/07
In his first term, George W. Bush broke with his predecessors, notably including his father, in his working concept of Americas role in the world. He launched what has been called The Bush Revolution in U.S. Foreign Policy. Its distinguishing features were unilateralism (going it alone) and exceptionalism (a belief that America had a special dispensation to set the rules for others but not necessarily to follow the rules that the U.S. itself helped establish for the international system over the past century). The high-water mark of the Bush Revolution was the invasion of Iraq. With the debacle now unfolding there and in the region, a restoration of traditional American internationalism is underway. Strobe Talbott, president of The Brookings Institution and former deputy secretary of state, offers a timely presentation.
Author: NYU Wagner Public Se
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