Generative Dialogue Across Differences

What is Healthy Dialogue And Why Is It Necessary?

In the first two modules, we asked you to think about the roles you can play in promoting civil discourse and democratic values — and engage effectively and inspirationally in the public square of American civic life.  And we explored the constructive ways — and the less constructive ways — religious leaders and people of faith have lived out their civic engagement for the last four centuries here in what is now the United States.

Both modules are, we hope, the necessary background to motivate you to be a champion of civic engagement, a religious leader who nurtures civic engagement in your community and takes your role as a leader promoting civility and integrity in the American political and policy sphere.

We want to offer you skills, insights and resources to even more effectively teach how to have healthy, generative dialogue within your congregation or community and then across the many borders and boundaries that could separate us. We hope that this module and the resources we provide will do just that.


This is an interactive session, better learned with colleagues, friends and/or congregants. Please stop at each PAUSE and participate in the activity.  Then hit play and continue the video.