Promoting Transportation Flexibility in Extreme Events through Multi-Modal Connectivity

R. Zimmerman, C.E. Restrepo, J. Sellers, A. Amirapu, and Theodore R. Pearson Read more

Asthma Hospital Admissions and Ambient Air Pollutant Concentrations in New York City

C. Restrepo, J. Simonoff, G. Thurston and R. Zimmerman Read more

Electricity Case: Statistical Analysis of Electric Power Outages

Simonoff, J.S., Zimmerman, R., Restrepo, C., Dooskin, N.J., Hartwell, R.V., Miller, J.I….& Schuler, R.E. Read more

Electricity Case: Economic Cost Estimation Factors for Economic Assessment of Terrorist Attacks

Zimmerman, R., Lave, L.B., Restrepo, C.E., Dooskin, N.J., Hartwell, R.V., Miller, J.I…. & Schuler, R.E.. Read more

Electricity Case: Main Report: Risk, Consequences, and Economic Accounting

Zimmerman, R., Restrepo, C.E., Dooskin, N.J., Hartwell, R.V., Miller, J.I., Remington, W.E…. & Schuler, R.E.. Read more

Infrastructure Support for Emergency Response: Preliminary Criteria and Indicators for Infrastructure Linkages to Emergency Services

Zimmerman, R. Read more

Trends for Oil and Gas Terrorist Attacks

Simonoff, J.S., Restrepo, C., Zimmerman, R. & Remington, W.E. Read more

Farm Operator Perceptions of Water Quality Protective Pest Management Practices: Selected Survey Findings

Zimmerman, R. & Lichtenberg, E. Read more

Integrating Environmental Justice (EJ) Methodologies into Environmental Impact Assessment

Zimmerman, R. Read more

Using GIS to Examine Environmental Injustice in the South Bronx. The Case of Waste Transfer Stations

Naphtali, Z.S. & Restrepo, C., Zimmerman, R. Read more

Risk Management and Risk Analysis-Based Decision Tools for Attacks on Electric Power

Simonoff, J.S., Restrepo, C. & Zimmerman, R. Read more

Organization-Based Incident Management: Developing a Disaster Volunteer Role on a University Campus

Fulmer, T., Portelli, I., Foltin, G.L., Zimmerman, R., Chachkes, E. & Goldfrank, L.R. Read more