Promoting Transportation Flexibility in Extreme Events through Multi-Modal Connectivity

R. Zimmerman, C.E. Restrepo, J. Sellers, A. Amirapu, and Theodore R. Pearson Read more

Asthma Hospital Admissions and Ambient Air Pollutant Concentrations in New York City

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Integrating Environmental Justice (EJ) Methodologies into Environmental Impact Assessment

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Farm Operator Perceptions of Water Quality Protective Pest Management Practices: Selected Survey Findings

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Bringing Information Technology to Infrastructure

Zimmerman, R, Gilbertson, N. & Restrepo, C.. Read more

Social Implications of Infrastructure Network Interactions

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South Bronx Environmental Health and Policy Study, Public Health and Environmental Policy Analysis: Final Report for Phase I

Zimmerman, R., Restrepo, C., Hirschstein, C., Holguín-Veras, J., Lara, J. & Klebenov, D.. Read more

The Collapse of the World Trade Center: Learning from Urban Disasters

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Public Infrastructure Service Flexibility for Response and Recovery in the September 11th, 2001 Attacks at the World Trade Center

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Natural Hazards Research & Applications Information

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Social and Environmental Dimensions of Cutting-Edge Infrastructures

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Decision-Making and the Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure

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