Undergraduate Options at NYU Wagner

Public Policy & Management Minor

In an age of increasing public-private cooperation, with the traditional lines between government, business and the nonprofit sectors blurred, NYU's Stern School of Management and the Wagner School of Public Service announce a collaborative undergraduate minor in public policy and management.

Recognizing that the typical Stern undergraduate will move fluidly between public and private realms in their professional work, this joint minor is designed to offer broad exposure to and preparation in both. Students electing this minor may choose from a carefully selected range of Stern and Wagner policy, management and business courses. Among the first collaborative efforts of its kind among U.S. universities, this genuinely interdisciplinary program showcases both the business/management acumen and public-service heart of these leading NYU professional schools.

A minimum of 14 total credits is required. Students must take at least 6 credits at each school.

Note to Stern students: Stern students cannot double count required core or major courses toward this minor.

Students must complete a minimum of four courses for the minor within these guidelines:

Choose One of the Following Foundation Courses

  • UPADM-GP 101, The Politics of Public Policy (4 credits)
  • UPADM-GP 103, Introduction to Managing Public Service Organizations (4 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 1 (or MGMT-UB 9001), Management & Organizational Analysis (4 credits)

Choose a Minimum of One of the Following Stern Courses

  • ACCT-UB 1 (or ACCT-UB 9001), Principles of Financial Accounting (4 credits)
  • ECON-UB 221, Monetary Policy &the Financial System (3 credits)
  • ECON-UB 225, Business and the Environment (3 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 1 (or MGMT-UB 9001), Management and Organizational Analysis (4 credits) (if not taken as Foundation course)
  • MGMT-UB 7, Managing People & Teams (3 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 18, Strategic Analysis (3 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 21, Managerial Skills (3 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 25, Managing Change (3 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 30, Negotiation & Consensus Building (3 credits)
  • MGMT-UB 66, Power and Politics (3 credits)
  • MKTG-UB 1 (or MKTG-UB 9001), Introduction to Marketing (4 credits)
  • MULT-UB 103, Experiential Learning Seminar:  Social Impact Consulting (2 credits)
  • MULT-UB 105, Experiential Learning Seminar:  Emerging Technologies in the Energy Industry (3 credits)

Choose a Minimum of One of the Following Wagner Courses (4 credits)

UPADM-GP.102, Introduction to Social Impact
UPADM-GP.140, The Economics of Public Policy
UPADM-GP.215, The Politics of New York
UPADM-GP.221, The Meaning of Leadership
UPADM-GP.224, Philanthropy, Advocacy and Social Change
UPADM-GP.226, Leadership: Women and Public Policy
UPADM-GP.229, The Intersection of Politics and Public Service
UPADM-GP.230, Medical Care and Health: Comparative Perspectives
UPADM-GP.236, Topics in Health: Policy, Politics, and Power
UPADM-GP.242, The Business of Nonprofit Management
UPADM-GP.263, Public Policy and the Arts
UPADM-GP.269, How to Change the World: Advocacy Movements and Social Innovation
UPADM-GP.430, Intelligence and National Security Policymaking

For more information about Wagner courses or minors, please contact us at wagner.undergraduate@nyu.edu.

For information regarding Stern course registration, please contact Stern undergraduate advising at uc.advising@stern.nyu.edu.