Urban Analytics Track

Cities are becoming smarter: they’re using data to optimize services, infrastructure operation, and urban planning. Government agencies, nonprofits, consulting firms, and startups all recognize the importance of leveraging data to create effective public policy and urban plans but grapple with how to analyze large, complex datasets and apply the findings in urban planning environments.

The Urban Analytics track will equip you with rigorous data analysis skills and an understanding of urban planning and design—both of which are necessary for using data-driven approaches to tackle today’s most pressing urban challenges.

Graduates will be prepared for careers at government agencies, consulting firms, nonprofits, and civic tech startups. You’ll have the skills to analyze, design, and advocate for policies and plans that make an effective impact on the public good. You’ll hit the ground running with the ability to create new approaches, platforms, and technologies that better serve the world’s ever-changing urban populations.


Below is an overview of the required coursework. For detailed information, view the program checksheet


Degree Core Courses

CORE-GP.1011, Statistical Methods
CORE-GP.1018, Microeconomics
CORE-GP.1020, Management and Leadership
CORE-GP.1021, Financial Management
URPL-GP.1603, Urban Planning: Methods and Practice
URPL-GP.2608, Urban Economics
URPL-GP.2660, History and Theory of Planning

Track Courses

URPL-GP.1605, Land Use Law
URPL-GP.1620, Spatial Analysis and Visualization

Track Capstone

CAP-GP.3601, Capstone: Advanced Projects in Urban Planning I
CAP-GP.3602, Capstone: Advanced Projects in Urban Planning II


Students choose 6 elective credits (fall):

URPL-GP.2618, Geographic Information Systems
PADM-GP.4505, R Coding for Public Policy
PADM-GP.4506, Python Coding for Public Policy
CUSP-GX.5002, Principles of Urban Informatics
CUSP-GX.7004, Urban Decision Models

Students choose 9 elective credits (spring): 

PADM-GP.2505, Big Data Analytics for Public Policy
URPL-GP.2680, Topics in Urban Design
PADM-GP.4119, Data Visualization and Storytelling
PADM-GP.4147, Large Scale Data Analysis I
PADM-GP.4148, Large Scale Data Analysis II
PADM-GP.4504, Introduction to Database Design, Management, and Security
URPL-GP.4650, Advanced GIS: Interactive Web Mapping and Spatial Data Visualization