BA-MPA with NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Wagner tends to be a hotbed for lively conversations around challenging ideas. We love it. And we’re always on the hunt for bold internationalists with diverse perspectives. That’s why we’ve partnered with NYU Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) to offer a BA-MPA focused on producing citizens of the world with a deep commitment to public service. You bring your unique experiences and point of view to share, and we’ll help you build a meaningful and impactful career in public service—no matter which country you’re calling “home” today.

NYUAD undergraduates studying Economics, Political Science, or Social Research and Public Policy can apply to the program once they have earned 48 credits. So what are you waiting for?


Adrienne Smith, Undergraduate Studies Administrator, NYU Wagner

Hannah Bruckner, Associate Dean of the Social Sciences, NYUAD


NYU Wagner Graduate Course Undergraduate Course Equivalents

CORE-GP 1011, Statistical Methods





ECON-UA 18, Statistics

POL-UA 800, Quantitative Methods in Political Science

SOC-UA 302, Statistics for Social Research

SOCSC-UH 1010Q, Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences

UPADM-GP 111, Quantitative Analysis for Public Policy

CORE-GP 1018, Microeconomics



ECON-UA 2 , Introduction to Microeconomics

ECON-UH 2010 Intermediate Microeconomics

CORE-GP 1020, Management and Leadership

UPADM-GP 103, Introduction to Managing Public Service Organizations*

CORE-GP 1021, Financial Management

No undergraduate course equivalent

CORE-GP 1022, Introduction to Public Policy



POL-UA 300, Power and Politics in America

SRPP-UH 2610, Introduction to Public Policy

UPADM-GP 101, Politics of Public Policy*

PADM-GP 2902, Multiple Regression and Introduction to Econometrics

SOCSC-UH 3220 Econometrics


*UPADM-GP 101 & 103 are NYU Wagner undergraduate courses.