How to determine if a job or internship can be used to satisfy the Professional Experience Requirement (PER)

In order to fulfill the PER, a position must be directly relevant to a student’s degree program and/or specialization at Wagner. It must provide opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge gained through coursework, while also preparing the student for employment in his/her field of interest.

Students do not need approval from NYU Wagner before beginning a PER position. If you are considering using a position for the PER and want to verify that it qualifies as “relevant” before accepting the position, email with the following information:

Subject Line:
- [Full Name] PER Pre-Approval Request

- First & Last Name
- N Number (University ID)
- Degree Program & Specialization
- Expected Capstone Enrollment Date
- Employer - Position Title - Summary of Career Goals (ideal industry and role)
- Summary of Position relevance (how this role will enable you to apply lessons learned through your coursework and how you will gain experience needed to be competitive in your field)

You will receive a response within 3-5 business days, so please allow enough lead time between your email and the date by which you need to accept your position offer. You can also visit walk-in-hours for broader questions about PER positions. International students need to allow at least 10 additional business days if seeking authorization for CPT. See here.