Measuring Equity and Adequacy in School Finance

Downes, T. & Stiefel, L. Read more

Gerenciando las Relaciones Intergubernamentales. Experiencias en América Latina. (Managing Intergovernmental Relationships. Latin American Experiences)

Ospina, S. & Penfold, M. Read more

Sustaining Innovation: Creating Nonprofit and Government Organizations that Innovate Naturally

Light, P.C. Read more

Issues of Climate Change and Its Impacts on the Infrastructure in the Metro East Coast (MEC) Region of the US

Jacob, K. & Zimmerman, R. Read more

What Does Government Spend on Children? Evidence from Five Cities

Brecher, C., Searcy, C., Silver, D. & Weitzman, B.C. Read more

Creating a National Election

Kersh, R. Read more

A Government Ill Executed: The Decline of the Federal Service and How to Reverse It

Light, P.C. Read more

Does Federally Subsidized Rental Housing Depress Neighborhood Property Values?

Ellen, I.G., Schwartz, A.E., Voicu, I. & Schill, M.H. Read more

Enrolling Children in Public Insurance: SCHIP, Medicaid, and State Implementation

Kronebusch, K. & Elbel, B. Read more

Jump-Starting Collaboration: The ABCD Initiative and the Provision of Child Development Services through Medicaid and Collaborators

Berry, C., Krutz, G.S., Langner, B. & Budetti, P. Read more

Evaluating the Success of Need-Based State Aid in the Presence of Property Tax Limitations

Reschovsky, A. & Schwartz, A.E. Read more

Individual production, community characteristics and the provision of local public services

Schwartz, A.E. Read more
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