Capstone: Learning In Action


Part of the core curriculum of the MPA and MUP programs, Capstone provides you with both a critical learning experience and an opportunity to perform a public service. Over the course of an academic year, you’ll work in teams with faculty oversight to identify opportunities for an outside organization or to conduct research on a pressing social question. Capstone contributes not only to your education, but also to the public good.

In architecture, the capstone is the crowning piece of an arch, the center stone that holds the arch together, giving it shape and strength. Our Capstone program plays a similar role, by integrating and enhancing your learning in several different arenas. You’ll quickly become familiar with an issue or content area. You’ll hone process skills, like teamwork and project management. And you’ll effectively gather, analyze, and present data. Capstone requires you to interweave your learning in all these areas—and to do so in real time, in an unpredictable, complex, real-world environment.

Prior to Capstone

Mandatory: Capstone Information Videos

Please click here to access three (short!) videos that are required viewing in the spring semester prior to requesting Capstone registration in April. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get ready for Capstone. You will also find an optional client recruitment video at the same link.

Optional: Online Registration Info and Q&A Session

You are welcome to attend one of the optional Student Services Online Registration Info and Q&A Session webinars on March 29 or March 30, 2018.  Student Services will cover general information about fall registration as well as review the timeline for the Capstone registration process.  Please RSVP using the links in the Registration Checklist.

Optional: Capstone Information Session

After watching the Capstone Information Videos, if you find you have additional questions about the academic content of the Capstone course, you are welcome to bring your questions to an in-person information session with the Capstone Faculty Directors on Tuesday, April 10, 5:30-6:30pm, in the Mulberry Conference Room on the 3rd floor of the Puck Building.

Request Registration

Capstone Registration Request Form

The Capstone Registration Request Form closed at 5:00pm on Monday, April 23, 2018.