FAQs: Capstone For Students

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How is international Capstone different?

Most, but not all, international Capstone projects provide opportunity for travel abroad. If your Capstone client requires travel for fieldwork, Wagner will support you by paying for your airfare to your fieldwork destination. The Wagner travel fund does NOT pay for accommodations, meals, in-country travel, transportation to/from the airport, visas, or vaccines.

How are individuals and groups graded in the Capstone Program?

Students are graded on both the products they deliver to their clients and evidence of progressive learning throughout the course. Grades account for students' participation in both class activities and team work and their ability to act on peer and faculty feedback.

What is required of students in the Capstone Program?

Course requirements include: enrollment in both semesters; attendance and participation in class activities and client and team meetings; completion of assignments on time; conducting field work; negotiating scope of work agreements with clients; occasional large group discussions out of class time; and the preparation and presentation of the team's findings.

Where can I find resources for housing and living in New York?

Whether you live on or off campus, are here for the summer, or are living in faculty housing, you will find yourself living "in and of" New York City. Manhattan's vibrant Greenwich Village neighborhood is home to many of NYU's campus buildings. 

How do I decide if I should enroll in the Research Capstone? How are topics for the Research Capstone selected?

The Research Capstone is designed for students who know they want to pursue a career in quantitative research, most of whom expect to go on to pursue a Ph.D. Students still work in teams in the Research Capstone section; the primary difference from other Capstone sections is that teams don't have a formal outside client.

What is the timeline for the Capstone registration process?

Wagner provides information for students to request Capstone registration in late March/early April. Once you have followed these directions, and assuming you have met all of the Capstone prerequisites, you will be registered for Capstone by July 1. Note: In order to check students' Capstone eligibility, program advisors must review each student's academic record.

How are Capstone projects selected? How are Capstone projects assigned?

Prospective Capstone clients respond to a request for proposals (RFP) in the spring by submitting their applications through our online portal. All proposals are vetted by Wagner administration and viable projects are offered to Capstone faculty for comment and selection.