FAQs: Capstone For Students

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How is international Capstone different?

Most, but not all, international Capstone projects provide opportunity for travel abroad. If your Capstone client requires travel for fieldwork, Wagner will support you by paying for your airfare to your fieldwork destination. The Wagner travel fund does NOT pay for accommodations, meals, in-country travel, transportation to/from the airport, visas, or vaccines.

Where can I find resources for housing and living in New York?

Whether you live on or off campus, are here for the summer, or are living in faculty housing, you will find yourself living "in and of" New York City. Manhattan's vibrant Greenwich Village neighborhood is home to many of NYU's campus buildings. 

How are teams selected in a Capstone program and how many people are there on a team?

Several factors play a role in team composition: interest in various projects, skill sets needed for a given project, diversity of skill sets and experience on each team, and team size. The specific team selection details vary depending on the individual Capstone instructors. A typical Capstone team comprises three to five students.

What is the timeline for the Capstone registration process?

Wagner provides information for students to request Capstone registration in late March/early April. Once you have followed these directions, and assuming you have met all of the Capstone prerequisites, you will be registered for Capstone by July 1. Note: In order to check students' Capstone eligibility, program advisors must review each student's academic record.

What is the Capstone Expo?

The Capstone Expo is an opportunity at the conclusion of the program in May for all Capstone teams to come together and share their processes and findings with clients, faculty, administration, other students, and members of the wider NYU community.