Health Policy

Neighborhoods and Schools: Contexts and Consequences for the Mental Health and Risk Behaviors of Children and Youth

Gershoff, E.T. & Aber, J.L. Read more

Estimating the Effects of September 11th and Other Forms of Violence on the Mental Health and Social Development of New York City’s Youth: A Matter of Context

Aber, J.L., E. Gershoff, A. Ware & J. Kotler. Read more

Micro-Insurance: The Next Revolution?

Morduch, J. Read more

Reorganizing Primary Care at Mount Sinai Hospital

Kovner, A.R. & Neuhauser, D. Read more

Following the Money: Using Expenditure Analysis as an Evaluation Tool

Brecher, C., Silver, D. & Weitzman, B.C. Read more

Mass Transit Infrastructure and Urban Health

Zimmerman, R. Read more

Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Finkler, S.A. Read more

Health Care Reform in France - The Birth of State-Led Managed Care

VG. Rodwin & C. Le Pen Read more

Should Capstone Activities Be Subject to the Human Subjects Review Process?

Blustein, J. Read more

Elevated Depressive Symptoms Among Caregiving Grandparents

Jan Blustein, Sewin Chan & Frederico Aguiar Read more

Gender and the Treatment of Heart Disease in Older Persons in the United States, France and England: A Comparative, Population-Based View of a Clinical Phenomenon

D. Weisz, VG. Rodwin & MK. Gusmano Read more

Birth Weight and Income: Interactions Across Generations

Conley, D. & Bennett, N. Read more
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