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Topics in Housing and Community Development

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This course explores the current state of housing and community development policy as well as approaches that lie on the horizon, with a specific eye toward how key policy drivers, the current political moment, and core stakeholders are likely to create and/or limit opportunities moving forward. The course will provide an overview of housing and community development policy and then turn to selected issues such as gentrification and efforts to combat racial inequality to examine these dynamics. It will also use leading policy proposals from likely 2020 Presidential candidates to better understand the current state of play.

The course is designed to accomplish the following goals:

• Provide an introduction to housing and community development policy such that students can identify the core issues raised by major proposals and frame the appropriate questions and additional information needed to evaluate them;

• Survey and explore the key political factors that influence the development of housing and community development program and policy, with a focus on how current social movements and innovations affect the potential for change;

• Deepen understanding of key leverage points and forms of intervention with their respective strengths and weaknesses that public and private actors can use to further desired social aims.

• Foster creativity in considering novel approaches to remake housing and community development policy, including new approaches to public engagement and story-telling as a form of public education.


CORE-GP.1022 or URPL-GP.2660

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