The World Cities Project: Rationale, Organization, and Design for Comparison of Megacity Health Systems

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Infant Mortality Rates in Four Cities: London, Manhattan, Paris and Tokyo

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Next of Kin Perceptions of Physician Responsiveness to Symptoms of Hospitalized Patients Near Death

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Management Matters: Strengthening the Research Base to Help Improve Performance of Safety Net Providers

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Integrating a Comparison Group Design into a Theory of Change Evaluation: The Case of the Urban Health Initiative

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Classroom Based Surveys of Adolescent Risk-Taking Behavior: Reducing the Bias of Absenteeism

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Low Response Rate Schools in Surveys of Adolescent Risk-Taking Behaviors: Possible Biases, Possible Solution

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The New York Urban League Survey: Black New York-On Edge, but Optimistic

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Gender, Race,Class and Welfare Reform

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Performance Management in New York City: COMPSTAT and the Revolution in Police Management

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Does Government Funding Alter Nonprofit Governance? Evidence from New York City Contractors

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Telecommuting and the Demand for Urban Living: A Preliminary Look at White-Collar Workers

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