Education Publications

Small Schools, Large Districts: Small School Reform and New York City’s Students

Iatarola, P. & Schwartz, A.E., Stiefel, L., Chellman, C. Read more

Equity and Accountability: The Impact of State Accountability Systems on School Finance

Rubenstein, R. & Ballal, S., Stiefel, L., Schwartz, A.E. Read more

Spending, Size, and Grade Span in K-8 Schools

Rubenstein, R. & Schwartz, A.E., Stiefel, L., Zabel, J. Read more

Social Exclusion of Children in the United States: Identifying Potential Indicators

Aber, J.L., Brooks-Gunn, J. & Gershoff, E.T. Read more

The Impact of Residency Training on Physicians’ AIDS-Related Practice Behavior: A Longitudinal Panel Study

Yedidia, M.J. & Berry, C. Read more

Predicting Cognitive Control From Preschool to Late Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Eigsti, I., Zayas, V., Mischel, W., Shoda, Y., Ayduk. O., Dadlani, M.B., Davidson, M.C., Aber, J.L. & Casey, B.J. Read more

Disentangling the Racial Test Score Gap: Probing the Evidence in a Large Urban School District

Stiefel, L., Schwartz, A.E. & Ellen, I.G. Read more

The Political Economy of School Choice: Support for Charter Schools Across States and School Districts

Stoddard, C. & Corcoran, S.P. Read more

Parental Educational Investment and Children's Academic Risk

Conley, D. & Glauber, R. Read more

The Effects of Acculturation on Asthma Burden in a Community Sample of Mexican American Schoolchildren

Martin, M.A., Shalowitz, M.U., Mijanovich, T., Clark-Kauffman, E., Perez, E. & Berry, C. Read more

What Do Business Improvement Districts Do for Property Owners?

Schwartz, A.E., Ellen, I.G. & Meltzer, R. Read more

Sociodemographic and Behavioral Characteristics of HIV Antibody-Positive Blood Donors

Cleary, P.D., Singer, E., Rogers, T., Avorn, J., Van Devanter, N., Soumerai, S., Perry, S. & Pindyck, J. Read more