Undergraduate Major Faculty

J. Andrew Sinclair, Clinical Assistant Professor, Wagner

Nathaniel Beck, Professor of Politics, CAS

Anthony Bertelli, Professor of the Politics of Public Policy, Politics and Law, Wagner

Maharukh Bhiladwall, Clinical Professor of Economics, CAS

John Billings, Professor of Health Policy and Public Service, Wagner

Steven Brams, Professor of Politics, CAS

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Silver Professor; Professor of Politics, CAS

Sewin Chan, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Wagner

Eric Dickson, Associate Professor of Politics and Psychology, CAS

Oeindrila Dube, Assistant Professor of Politics and Economics, CAS

Patrick Egan, Associate Professor of Politics and Public Policy, CAS

Sanford Gordon, Professor of Politics, CAS

Christine Harrington, Professor of Politics, CAS

Lawrence Mead, Professor of Politics, CAS

Ryan Pevnick, Assistant Professor of Politics, CAS

Aditi Thapar, Clinical Assistant Professor of Economics, CAS

Joshua Tucker, Professor of Politics and Russian & Slavic Studies, CAS