Admitted Student Day - March 22, 2018


In these short academic talks, faculty present on topics about which they are especially passionate. Featuring professors Atul Pokharel and Leanna Stiefel.

WAGTalk: Atul Pokharel, "Communities and Fairness: From Irrigation Canals to Cryptocurrencies"

What do thousand-year-old irrigation canals have in common with digital cryptocurrency? Both are examples of community-governed shared infrastructure. Professor Pokharel will examine some of the possibilities and limits of communities for fairly governing shared infrastructure—both digital and physical—using his work on farmer-managed irrigation canals in Nepal.


WAGTalk: Leanna Stiefel, "Improving Urban K-12 Education: Policy in a World without Magic, Disruptive Bullets"

Although there is widespread agreement that the American K-12 education system needs improvement, none of the "magic bullet" solutions put forth during the last several decades has made huge changes. Rather than despair, we may make progress by building on combinations of solutions that evidence shows have positive effects.


Degree Program or Specialization Overviews

Erica Foldy, Director of the Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy Program, gives an overview of the Masters in Public Administration PNP program.


Thomas D'Aunno, Director of the Health Policy and Management Program, gives an overview of the Masters in Public Administration HPAM program.


Zhan Guo, Director of the Urban Planning Program, gives an overview of the Masters in Urban Planning program.


Paul Smoke, Director of International Specialization, gives an overview of the International Specialization program.