Fall 2014 Doctoral Research Colloquium Schedule

All presentations take place from 12:30-2:00PM. in the Rudin conference room on the 2nd floor of the Puck Building. A light lunch will be served at 12:00 PM

Sept 18th – Jinhua Zhao – Edward H. and Joyce Linde Career Development Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at Department of Urban Studies and Planning (MIT).Professor Zhao’s research examines travel behavior and transportation policy, public transit management, and China’s urbanization and mobility. The title of the paper  Professir Zhao will be discussing is "Subtleties in Bold Design: Managing Automobile Growth in China’s Mega Cities". [Exceptionally, this presentation will take place at the conference room of the Sociology Department, 4th floor of the Puck Building]

Sept 25th – Judd Kessler – Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. In his research, Professor Kesslerinvestigates the economic and psychological forces that motivate individuals to contribute to public goods inside and outside the workplace. He is currently a fellow at Russell Sage, where he is examining the impact of explicit and implicit advice on people’s decision making processes and their subsequent life outcomes. The title of the paper Professor Kessler will be discussing is "Experimental Investigations of Deceased Organ Donation."

Oct 2nd – Naomi Hausman – Lecturer in Economics (tenure track) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Professor Hausman’s dissertation examined the effects of university innovation on the growth of the surrounding local economy. More generally, she analyzes why some cities grow while others stagnate or decline, what are the roles of skilled workers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in a city’s success, and what attracts or repels them. The title of the paper Professor Hausman will be discussing is "State Non-compete Laws and the Market for Physician Services."

Oct 16th – Double-header: Sarah Cordes is a doctoral student at NYU Wagner, where she is studying how school finance reform affected parental investment in their children, how charter schools affect public school resources, and how residential mobility impacts student performance.  Emilyn Whitesell is a doctoral student at NYU Wagner, and her current research focuses on how school accountability influences parent, teacher, and student perceptions of their schools, large-scale program evaluation, and the spillover effects of student mobility.

Oct 23rd – Diane Vaughan – Professor of Sociology, Columbia University. Prof. Vaughan examines the "dark side" of organizations:  mistake, misconduct, and disaster.  Her book “The Challenger Launch Decision” was awarded numerous scholarly prizes and was nominated for the National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize. She is currently conducting an ethnography and interview-based study of air traffic control, to understand how controllers are trained to recognize early warning signs and anomalies as signals of potential danger and correct them, so that little mistakes do not turn into catastrophes. This talk will be entitled "Dead Reckoning: System Effects and the Production of Air Traffic Controllers."

Nov 13th - Jean Lee – Associate Research Scientist/Post-doctoral Research Fellow with the Financial Access Initiative (FAI) at NYU-Wagner. Prior to joining FAI, she was a consultant at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., where she worked on issues concerning growth and labor markets in developing countries. She is currently studying the financial lives of poor U.S. and Bangladeshi households. Her talk will be centered around the extent to which firm- and industry-level employment and entry decisions respond to changes in the employment decisions of geographically and economically proximate firms and industries in Brazil.

Nov 20th – Josh Gottlieb – Assistant Professor at University of British Columbia. Professor Gottlieb is an economist interested in both health and public economics, and urban and real estate economics. His most recent paper, “Do Physicians' Financial Incentives Affect Treatment Patterns and Patient Health?”, was published in the American Economic Review. The title of the paper he will present at the colloquium is "In the Shadow of a Giant: Medicare’s Influence on Private Physician Payments."

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