This is How we Look: Quick Tips

NYU Wagner Primary Short Logo

Primary Logo


  • Used as primary logo for all school communications.

Other Logo Options

NYU Wagner Long Logo


  • Primary for outside audiences where additional information or context is needed.
  • Formal communications.


NYU Wagner Stacked Logo


  • Used sparingly when the design requires a square logo.





NYU Wagner Black & White and Reversed Logos

Black & White; Reversed

  • Use when design calls for monochrome logo.





Appropriate Logo Size


No smaller than 0.25 inches tall for print and 30 pixels tall for digital. There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the logo—avoid making it the most dominant element on a page.



Appropriate breathing room for logo

Breathing Room

Observe clear space around the logo.





Incorrect Logo Usage

  • No distorting.
  • No rotating.
  • No alterations.
  • No effects.
  • No busy backgrounds.
  • No colors.
Incorrect Logo Usage


Primary Color

Primary Color

The NYU Violet is the primary color and should be dominant. This can be achieved by using Violet prominently—but not frequently—and surrounding it with white space. Tints of Violet are recommended for differentiating adjacent areas with color


  • RGB 87 6 140
  • HEX #57068c

Tint #1

  • RGB 126 10 203
  • HEX #7E0ACB

Tint #2

  • RGB 65 14 103
  • HEX #410E67

Tint #3

  • RGB 33 3 56
  • HEX #210338

Tint #4

  • RGB 20 1 34
  • HEX #140122
Accent Colors

Accent Colors 

Three (3) accent colors are used to create a sense of optimism and vibrancy. Blue and yellow are the preferred colors in this set. Any of these colors can be used in large areas, but never adjacent to each other. Green is used sparingly.


  • RGB 0 100 199
  • HEX #0064C7


  • RGB 255 210 0
  • HEX #FFD200


  • RGB 86 188 0
  • HEX #56BC00
Supporting Neutrals

Supporting Neutrals 

These neutral colors anchor and balance the rest of the palette.


  • RGB 0 0 0
  • HEX #000000

Medium Gray

  • RGB 102 102 102
  • HEX #666666

Light Gray

  • RGB 229 229 229
  • HEX #E5E5E5


  • RGB 255 255 255



Gotham is the primary typeface and should be used in all communications. To communicate a clear hierarchy, “Ultra” or “Bold” is used to establish document titles and subtitles, and “Book” is used for body text.

  • Verdana is the fallback font when Gotham is not supported.
  • Need the Gotham font on your NYU computer? Contact


Archer is the secondary typeface used for editorial body copy in designed collateral and digital assets.


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