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Just because you're the only one in the front of the class doesn't mean that you're all alone. Below you will find a huge assortment of resources on refining your classroom skills. From online learning to understanding students for whom English is a foreign language, the information collected here is geared toward maintaining the sort of academic excellence that characterizes the Wagner School.

    The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) was developed in 2001 to assist instructors in improving learning. All Adjuncts should explore this site, but new Adjuncts especially should make sure to avail themselves of the valuable information within. A number of the links on this page come from the CTE site

    CAT has five main goals:

    1. To promote a view of teaching that links it to student learning and that defines excellence in teaching in terms of encouraging and facilitating the most ambitious learning
    2. To encourage and facilitate a research-base for teaching and learning decisions, while contributing to the ongoing research on teaching and learning
    3. To increase good teaching, making it not only a strong tradition but a universal reality at New York University
    4. To make excellent teaching easier, more systematic and less idiosyncratic--recognizing, nevertheless, that the best teaching will always be hard work
    5. To encourage a view of teaching as a serious form of scholarship, an important intellectual endeavor, and to win for teaching the respect and rewards such endeavors deserve
    • Large Lecture - Shanna Rose, Assistant Professor of Financial Management and Politics

    Adjunct faculty members can join the Coles Sports Center (x82020) facilities for a fee. Speak to Charlene Chan (x87404) to obtain the required paperwork. The Sports Center is located at 181 Mercer Street.

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    The CTE holds workshops on teaching methods, best practices and career development. To find out what workshops are coming soon, click the link below.

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    Wagner has events on many topics and most are open to all Wagner Faculty. For a calendar of upcoming events, follow the link below: