Stephen Charney Vladeck Junior Faculty Fellowship


The Stephen Charney Vladeck Junior Faculty Fellowship assists junior NYU faculty in launching or completing substantial research in social justice, healthcare, labor law, labor history, and/or individual rights. The major emphasis of the research should be on urban problems. While the Selection Committee is particularly interested in work focused on New York City, it is not a requirement for consideration. The Fellowship is offered in honor of Stephen Charney Vladeck, who devoted his life to issues of labor, healthcare, social justice, and individual rights.

Each Fellow receives a one-time, non-renewable allocation of research funds in the amount of $26,000.  The Fellow must submit a brief final report that outlines the project's status and provides a detailed reconciliation of the spending of the funds one year after the allocation.

The fellowship is awarded in the academic year that follows the application period. 


Applicants must be full-time, tenure-track faculty members with the rank of assistant professor or above who have completed at least one year and no more than four years of full-time teaching (or its equivalent) at NYU.

A faculty member may submit only one proposal in a given academic year.

The Selection Committee notifies the winner by the end of April in the awarding year.

Criteria for Selection

  1. Relationship between the proposal and the Fellowship’s thematic emphasis areas.

  2. Clarity of conceptual definition, sound methodology, and a promise of significant contribution to the applicant’s field.

  3. Evidence of strong scholarly potential and commitment to teaching.

  4. Strength of evaluation letters.


The 2023 Application Cycle is now closed.


2023 Selection Committee

  • Sherry Glied, Dean and Professor of Public Service, NYU Wagner
  • Rajeev Dehejia, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Public Policy, NYU Wagner
  • John Billings, Professor of Health Policy and Public Service, NYU Wagner
  • Angela Hawken, Professor of Public Policy and Program Director, NYU Marron Institute of Urban Management
  • Rosalind Fredericks, Associate Professor of Geography | Development Studies, NYU Gallatin




Lauren Taylor- NYU Grossman School of Medicine
Urban Public Hospitals and the Creation of Healthcare Rights


Julia Payson- NYU Arts & Science
Do Municipal Residency Requirements Improve Police-Civilian Relations?


Jacob Faber- NYU Wagner
Not just a "Ghetto Tax" any more: Investigating two decades of change in the geography of financial services


Sarah Cowan- NYU Department of Sociology
Assessing Pregnancy Intentions Within the Clinical Visit


Rosalind Fredericks - Gallatin School of Individualized Study
Democratizing Infrastructure: Labor Rights and the Urban Poor in Dakar, Senegal


Salo Coslovsky - NYU Wagner
Public Sector Unions and the Delivery of Public Services to the Poor: Obstacle or Opportunity?


Natasha Iskander – NYU Wagner
Hidden Talent: Latino Immigration and the Politics of Skill


Florencia Torche – Sociology FAS
Is a College Degree Still the Great Equalizer? Intergenerational Mobility across Levels of Schooling in the US


Joe Magee – NYU Wagner
The Lens and Language of Power: Sense-Making and Communication in Times of Crisis

Kimberly Phillips-Fein – Gallatin School of Individualized Study
The New York City Financial Crisis and Its Aftermath


Erica Gabrielle Foldy – NYU Wagner
Team Learning and Effectiveness in Child Welfare Practice


Eric Klinenberg – Sociology FAS
City News in an Age of Digital Production


Katherine Fleming – History FAS
When Sephardim Become Romaniote: New York’s Kehlila Kadosha Yanina


Dwight Denison – NYU Wagner
Nonprofit Debt: Too Much, Too Little, or Just Right?

Anna McCarthy – TSOA
Television Commercials and Industrial Relations, 1946-1960


Ingrid Gould Ellen – NYU Wagner
Impact of Housing Investment and Crime on Neighborhood Property Values


David Jacobson – NYU Wagner
Implementing School-to-Career Reform

Andrew Lee – Libraries
La Novela – Ideal and Gender Ideas in 1930’s Spain


Eric Feldman – Institute of Law and Society
Mandatory HIV Testing: The Debate Reconsidered


Jan Blustein – NYU Wagner
Improving End-of-Life Care Among the Elderly

Patricia Robinson – Stern
A Tale of Two Countries: American and Japanese Approaches to Downsizing


Sandra Decker – NYU Wagner
Public Insurance and Health Outcomes for Children in New York

Gerard Ferguson – NYU Wagner
Tales of Criminality: Race, Violence, and Public Policy in Twentieth Century America


Miriam Frank – SCE
General Studies Out in the Union: The Labor Movement and the Campaign for Lesbian and Gay Rights


Amy Schwartz – NYU Wagner
New Yorkers and the Child Care Tax Credit


Thelma Foote – History FAS
Black and White in Manhattan, 1625-1783: An Interpretation of Identity and Community in Colonial Society


Edwin Amenta – Sociology FAS
Lost Ground: US Public Spending Policies in Depression and War


Jo Dixon – Sociology FAS
The Effects of Sentencing Guidelines on Racial Difference in Pleas Bargaining and Sentencing


Steven Perlmutter – Politics FAS
Intellectuals and Urban Protest: Extraparliamentary Politics in Turin, 1968- 1976